This site will interest you if:

You enjoy creating images; want to experiment with different types of artistic styles and materials; are looking for artistic inspiration; have many “how to…” questions; want to explore the many ways to use images; want to know more about storing, protecting and retrieving your artistic creations; or want to know more about the world of art in general.

In a sentence…

Our aim is to talk about materials, skills and ideas to help you to understand the possibilities of different image creating processes, why different ‘tools’ and materials are used, how to produce a range of images, and show you inspiring examples of images other people have produced.

What sort of images are we talking about?

Basically, we are flexible in our definition of images. We are talking about the sort of images ordinary people enjoy creating. These include the ‘2 dimension’ variety produced by drawing, painting, print making and photography; moving images such as film or videos; and ‘3 dimensional’ images of different types of sculpture.

Create Images

The site explores the exciting possibilities for creating images – either through your own physical actions (such as drawing, painting, sculpture), or through the use of equipment such as cameras, printers and computers with a range of software packages. We explain what you need, the characteristics and uses of different materials and equipment, and ways to develop your skills.

Use Images

We also look at the many ways to use images, from the conventional to the innovative. This includes different ways to display images, adding images to all sorts of surfaces, making money from images, how images are used to communicate messages, and so on.

Manage Images

The site also looks at how to store, retrieve, and protect your images. While this is often overlooked and regarded as boring, it is vitally important to help you use your images well.

Inspiring Images

Finally, the site will introduce you to many inspiring image creators, and their images – working in a whole range of styles and subject areas. We also look at images in different cultures and ages to help you appreciate images from the past and from around the world.