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How to advertise on the site.

There a number of options and banner sizes you can choose from.

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The ‘Header Banner’ is 728X90 pixels and is shown at the top of the web site and is visible on every page of the site. Two banners are ‘rotated’ in this position (ie. every time the viewer changes or refreshes the page, the Header Banner will show a different banner ad, rotating between the two ads. Of course, if your advert is the only one purchased at the time, only your advert will be displayed).

Square Ads of 125×125 pixels: These are shown on the right hand column of the web site. There are 2 ads in this position, and they ‘rotate’ (ie. change position every time the page is refreshed or changes). These ‘Square Ads’ generally fall ‘below the fold’.

Both Header and Square Ads can be bought for 30 days at a time. You will need to provide an appropriate sized image and a URL link to a page on your own web site. The system for signing up for an advert is automated, and once your advert is loaded (and approved by you will be able to log into your own management page on the site to view statistics about your advert. Payment is made through PayPal – either using your own PayPal Account or using PayPal to pay by credit or debit card.

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Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if: you have a problem; would like to pay using a different method; would like us to create the artwork for your advert for a small fee; or would like to discuss your campaign and the best ways to promote it through this site.