It is always amazing to see how inventive people can be, and how one person’s problem can be another person’s inspiration (and possible route to fame or fortune).

Living down a very dusty road has proved to be a life changing experience for artist Scott Wade. Not because he needed to clean his car windows after each trip (which he did). But because he thought he would see if he could paint using the dirt on the car windows.

It turned out that it is possible to paint using the dirt on the car window – and now Scott has turned his unusual idea into a business which has gained him a lot of media coverage, and work around the world.



Check out Scott’s web site at Dirty Car Art for more examples of his work, and links to a number of video’s.

Also check out the video below, which shows how Scott Wade produces a picture on a car – first cleaning the car window, then adding his own ‘dust’ to make the window dirty, before painting a picture, and finally washing it away!