I recently discovered a wonderful web site at UrbanSketchers.org, where people from all over the world share some of their sketches from life. The varied styles and subject matter are fascinating, and there is always something to be learnt.

Marc Holmes is one sketcher whose work I have enjoyed on the site, and at his own site at CitizenSketcher


The picture above is from a post he wrote on UrbanSketchers.org where he shares some tips on simplifying a scene, spending time on drawing before even thinking about painting, and what he calls the ‘Gradient of Interest’, where the eye is led to a point of interest, as explained in the quote below:

“The eye loves three things – contrast, chroma (intense color) and detail. If they are not kept in the same place – the eye will wander – seeking information and entertainment. A tight composition keeps the darkest darks, the smallest details, and the brightens colors in the same place. The focal point.”

Explore UrbanSketchers.org to find lots more inspiration.