Tony Plant working on a local beach

Those of us who visit a beach occasionally may find we want to take a rake with us in the future, after watching these inspiring videos of beach art.

These two artists work on their local beaches, and use two tools to create their huge but epheremal work. A stick for drawing outlines and fine detail, and a rake to create texture and a contrast to the smooth sand left by the retreating tide.

One of the biggest challenges they face is not being able to check on the positioning of their artwork – the scale they work on is so large, and they are working on a gently sloping beach, that it is not possible to see their overall design as they work on it.

Having a cliff or other viewing area near the beach provides a great vantage point for others to see the work being created, and also adds an important element – being able to photograph or video the work.

Apart from the photographic record of this work, it is very ephemeral – created at low tide and washed away at the next high tide.

Peter Donnelly works on a beach near Christchurch, New Zealand. He has become known in the media as the ‘Sand Dancer’.

Tony Plant works on the beaches near Newquay, Cornwall, in South West England. Further examples of his work can be found at his web site. The video below shows Tony at work, and also features the music of Ruarri Joseph.