Stan Prokopenko is a very talented young artist living in the USA. Apart from being a brilliant artist, he is a wonderful teacher. Fortunately for would-be artists, he has a series of free videos in which he explores many issues to do with drawing, explained in a clear, interesting and amusing style. Stan also has videos courses and other training opportunities for those who want to learn more with him.

One set of the free videos deals with drawing the human head, and the method Stan uses owes a lot to the Andrew Loomis ‘Ball and Plane Method’. Beside the videos below, you can also find a written explanation of this method on Stan Prokopenko’s blog, where he has this post on drawing the head from any angle

See the videos below:

How to draw the head from any angle.

How to draw the head from the front

How to draw the head from the side

How to draw the head from extreme angles