One item the western world discards without thinking is the humble cardboard from toilet rolls. Well, not any more. This post shows how it can be used to produce some spectacular art.


Anastassia Elias has transformed the toilet roll cardboard into an exciting art form – by placing paper figures and shapes within the roll. Good design, and varied lighting produce a great three dimensional effect, with images which merge into, and seem to grow from, the sides of the roll. It’s amazing how the shape and depth of the roll can be used to produce such beautiful work.


The video below shows examples of her intricate and inventive work.

If you fancy having a go yourself, this video from Khye28 gives away some of the secrets of producing toilet roll art.

To see more of Anastassia Elias’s work, visit her web site, or to buy her self-published book of toilet roll art images, visit Blurb.