Evan Sharboneau has produced a very popular and informative eBook and online vidoe course on exciting Trick Photography and Special Effects. People look at the photos he has produced and think he must have used a lot of expensive equipment, and spent a lot of time manipulated the images. This is not the case with many of the images – because Evan has developed simple techniques that use the minimum of equipment to take the photos (besides a camera which has manual mode), and only about a third of the images on the course have been manipulated with photoshop.

To find out more or to see if you might be interested in buying the course (consisting of a 300 page ebook and 9 hours of online video packed with ideas and techniques, and covered by a great money back quarantee) then Click Here!

Even if you are not interested in buying the course, take a look at Evan’s enthuasism for his subject by looking at the video on his introductory page. Click here to watch the video. It gives you a few tips and describes his approach to photography in more detail.

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